Post 500 History

In 1940 the Post was organized through the efforts of a group of WW1 veterans employed at Allison Division, General Motors Corporation, located in Speedway Indiana. The idea of a Speedway Post was inspired by the success of the Allison Servicemen's Association. The first officers of Post 198, 12th District were installed on August 1, 1941. In 1943 the 12th District was dissolved and Post 198 became part of the 11th District where it remains. The first Post Home in 1944 was located at Lynhurst Drive and Crawfordsville Road. In 1946 the Post entered into the Race parking business which has continued now for more than 60 years.

In January 1960, 1.905 acres was purchased on the southwest corner of 20th Street and Georgetown Road. In June 1963 the Post purchased another 0.739 acres and a three story frame house and garage at the same location. (This house was rented for $100.00 per month which was later reduced to $80.00 and then increased to $105.00 a month.) During the January 1966 meeting it was resolved that a new Post home would be built on the land now owned at 1926 N. Georgetown Road. In December 1966 the rental house was razed. The last tenant had left an old Ford sedan on the property: therefore, it was shoved into the basement and covered will fill dirt and is still in our front yard. In June 1967 another 0.36 acres was purchased and our new 40' x 60' home was completed.

In 1967, due to our Post now being located across the street from the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a formal letter was sent to the Department Executive Committee requesting that we be allowed to change our Post number to 500. Our request was approved and we were awarded our new charter for Post 500. In 1971 a 1620 square foot addition to our Post was approved and completed in May of 1972. In 1977 we purchased another 1.5 acres of land giving us a total of 4.504 acres of land and in 1983 the final addition to the Post was made.

In 1993 The Post color guard won the National Color Guard competition. The Color Guard also won National titles in 1994, 1995,1996,1997,1998 and 2001.

For more information regarding Post 500 contact Jasmin Pettiford, our Historian.